07 June, 2013

The Gar 嘎调, Nezha 哪吒


The Gar, configure general, Chinese libretto, not playing form, no gimmicks, they play everything is normal, but in which the flourishing independent music circles look so chic. So far in recent years, the number of alternative style in the expansion of Chinese rock and indie music listeners are defined by, how many times to catch up with the trend of changing the style of dress to the crowd, the number of visits to make people think the artist successfully challenged their hearing limit, downloaded through the network also found a number of previously unknown musical instruments and play, and I believe that answers these questions countless novelties waiting to be enumerated. But The Gar has put aside these gorgeous dazzling coat and resolutely moved the audience back to the original. Indeed, the explosion of information so that people could attend so that curiosity became a bottomless cave waiting to be instilled. These zips struggling to move forward relative to the trend, The Gar leave some hope to be stationed in the heart of experience and experiences of figurative music. Each cycle of the music scene, there will be singing with the youth of the classic era, and now China's independent music scene, in addition to the hustle and bustle of people flocking to the challenge and innovation, but also for us to create The Gar belonging to this generation's song.

"Time Cue"remix EP
Maybe Mars 2014

Maybe Mars 2012

 博轩 Zhu Boxuan 战锅 Zhan Pan 温洁 Wu Wenjie 王旭 Wang Xu

   王旭 Wang Xu 博轩 Zhu Boxuan 战锅 Zhan Pan

Zhu Boxuan 博轩, Wu Wenjie 温洁, Rock Zo 子健
嘎调 贝斯手温洁 The Gar bassists - past, present and future.

子健 Rock Zo 战锅 Zhan Pan 王旭 Wang Xu

Gar s/t CD
Maybe Mars/Tenzenmen 2009

温洁 Wu Wenjie 战锅 Zhan Pan 王旭 Wang Xu

Carsick Cars/ The Gar/ White+
California, March 7th - 12th 2013
When The crew arrived from Beijing, we met at City Lights Book Store in North Beach. The Italian district of San Francisco, right next to Chinatown. The gig was just up Broadway at the old On Broadway, now Broadway Studios. i hadn’t seen a gig here in ages. Not since Zolar X reformed in 2002. When it was the On Broadway, the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Adolescents, Damned, Pistols and Christian Death had all played here. This time it was the CAAMFest opening party with bands from China (All Maybe Mars bands) Taiwanese bands and South Korean bands. On this, the first night, White+ were the only Chinese band and only band that was at all out of the ordinary. To say they stood out would be an understatement. The people who came to see them were not disappointed and I think all of them appeared at the show the following Tuesday. The set was short but impressive. Wang Xu’s drumming was phenomenal! I got to meet everybody from all the bands, as well as Zhu Wenbo (Rain Dog) and Charles from Maybe Mars. I was there with Travis Threlkel from Tipsy, as well as my friends Justin, Allie and Ron. After the gig we had a late night Chinese family-style dinner.
The next day, The Gar and Carsick Cars were playing. We took a trip to Aquarius records and had a look around. They bought some records. Justin bought a bunch of Maybe Mars releases. We had a nice Mexican lunch then off to the gig. The Gar played a fabulous set. Zhan Pan played his new 1970 Fender Jazzmaster and it sounded great! They played a killer set including most of the new EP and most of my favourites from the album, including “Cat”! A few sets later (including Korea’s 3rd Line Butterly, who were brilliant) The Carsick Cars played an inspired set of songs mostly from the first album.
The next day, we drove to LA. We had long talks about Chinese music and the scene in Beijing. When we got to LA we went straight to UCLA Radio for an interview to promote the show the following night at the Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles. After that, we had a nice Thai meal and then Charles and I went out while the rest of the crew had a quiet night..
The following day, we had a nice Vietnamese lunch then we went to the venue to set up, it was an early, all ages gig on a Sunday afternoon. The crowd was mostly Asian and in the age group of under 21. The crowd was not massive but a good enough size for the venue. the vibe was right. The crowd was right in to it. My bandmate, Dan Allaire was there. Many other Los Angeles hipsters also made an appearance to see what all the fuss was about but the crowd was predominantly Asian, which I thought was great. The excitement was readily apparent.
After White+ opened things up and blew everybody’s minds with a short but sweet set, The Carsick Cars proceeded to blow the roof off the joint! When they played Zhong Nan Hai, packs of Zhong Nan Hai cigarettes came flying out of nowhere toward the band, just like they did at the CAAMFest! It was amazing! Almost everyone in the room started singing along! They played great versions of “Could You Be There” “Volunteer” “Mogu” “Their One” “Hope For” (Which I found out was inspired by Zhan Pan one crazy night) and “You Can Listen, You Can Talk” among others. The Gar played an extended set and got an encore. They played all of the new EP and most of the first album. Again, a fantastic, memorable version of “Cat” as well as inspired versions of all of the songs from the new EP. The night was a success! the manager of the venue said anytime we want to have bands from China play there, to let him know!
After the gig, we went to a party… but that is another story unto itself.
The next day, we drove back to San Francisco. When we got there, we had a giant Chinese family style dinner! All the while, bonding with each and every one of these gentlemen. The nicest, most gracious and well mannered bunch of people in a band I have ever met!
The San Francisco gig at Brick & Mortar on the 12th was the best one for me.
It was 18+ so more people got to come. We booked this gig 10 days in advance with no street press for a Tuesday night and got 92 paid people plus a guest list of around 25. It was a good sized gig and we were all pleased with the turnout, including the venue who also said to let them know of any other Chinese bands want to come through and play there.
This time, The Gar opened. They played a fantastic set to a very receptive audience, this time mostly Westerners. They played all of their new EP plus all the best songs from the first album , this time including my other favourite next to “Cat”, “Circle” Which I found out was a song from Zhan Pan’s previous band, Na Zha. The Gar were fabulous every night, but this time it was just brilliant! Zhan Pan charmed the audience like nobody else and the tough San Francisco crowd was notably receptive to the Gar’s well written songs and impeccable live presentation.
The Carsick Cars came on and tore through all the same songs from the LA gig but this time adding a couple new ones as well as my favourite “She Will Wait” which was just incredible and I could feel the entire room falling in love with them while they were playing that song. Houzi’s drums effortlessly locking in to Zhang Shouwang’s Loops. It was absolutely brilliant! White+ closed the night out with an extended set including what I believe was the entirety of the White+ cd. by the end of the night, the entire vibe in the venue was elevated. People could not believe what they had just seen go down! All the bands sold out of merch that night! Afterwards, we went and had a big old Chinese Family style dinner and said our goodbyes. I can tell I made some of the best friends I’ll ever know during those 6 days together. It was an honour to travel with them, DJ the gigs and be a part of their visit to California. I hope to get them and more Maybe Mars bands over to San Francisco and Los Angeles again soon! Hopefully there will be interest in San Diego, Portland, Seattle and around the West Coast in the future. I would like to see these bands coming over on a regular basis and I strongly believe more and more people will be feeling exactly the same way. This trip definitely made a difference for them and gave them some great Guerilla style exposure which is priceless. They will play to more people next time, no doubt about it. Them and any other bands from Beijing or Shanghai that come over. People are starting to figure it out! 

Beijing band, present in July 2007 - September 2006 (specific time unknown)
Fate in general, played a damn name, the band seems to have died young. And because there is a short time, their stories only in Beijing's underground bar is legend. But then, as No Beijing's four bands (the remaining three are now the fire, Carsick Cars, Snapline, Queen Sea Big Shark), their songs needle-like stabbing young sad heart.

Self Released 2007

Chen Shao North, High Crane, Zhan Pan, Wang Zichun.

You're so depressed, depressed left behind if only billed Yan, alone looking at the sky, into nor retreat also wrong. You need a Revelation the same thing, so that you can go out as soon as possible. You want to find a priest to talk about, but you are not Catholic, the priest's blessing is limited to spraying holy water on your heart, he said: you are not a child of God, you are doomed themselves bear misery, my child May I help you, but I can not save you. Well, reverend, then let me come.

Shao Chen North wrote, "My time with the Rebels."

So, I began to see past time

In 2002, I met a high crane, we are in a place where only punk du jour The cure, then act decisively made a baffling decision to band together to form a fast hardware. Everything began, she gave me a slight "all day" as an incentive. From the beginning until 2004, with the cooperation of people constantly changing, we have kept the same as the Railway guerrillas find a place to rehearse, indomitable, in Xiangshan under their feet in the basement of a friend's house, we got into the morning basement, making a noise, a few people took to the ground plane at noon to drink beer in the afternoon and then go on making noise, until now, I still remember where the musty basement and a mysterious smoke mixed colors.

The summer of 2004, I told my chaotic life goodbye, leaving those who only know how to deceive people around, you want to put into a new simple life, I was fanatical obsession with 70s Manchester, obsessive that period The place for all bands, of course, I also can not do without joy division more, I wrote "He stood time out" on the end to give 23-year-old young man, and later in the basement of Xiangshan first row this song was the presence of people ask me what style of the count, I could not answer. When the sun's shadow fell Satsuki river, afternoon comes, every day I eat dinner alone at this time, my mind always kept repeating melody, which is later "you're so great". Now think about it, that was my experience most lonely one summer, so much Beijing only myself, eat and sleep walking songs are their own, over and over again to see blue sky, left hand holding a fat boy doll Carmen, right hand clasp wall.

The fall of 2004, Cao Jiahan to join as lead singer has not the name of this band, the original drummer quit, I did not remember the name of the drummer. We even have a row over the drummer never together. It is a strange fact that, whenever there are new people to join, we will lose a teammate, always been like this, including the later ZP join Him child's exit. At that time the band's name is The joker, I like to translate it into clown king. Until the spring of 2005, after discussion, dismissed because of problems singer. He took my most precious the stone roses debut album, so now I'm still a little unpopular with him. Later, he listened to the song Nezha, that I have changed, said it would be a fast hardware band, but he can not hack talk anymore, for me the stone roses disk lost thing to apologize to me, I Well said, has passed away.

July 2005, this slows down the band began rehearsing, and I, high crane and Qian children, a boy and two girls in the band. We decided to put their names into Rebels. So we have one in the morning of July into the serious Polytechnic, saw Levi, the first time we met, I thought he was an avid fan of Nirvana, and later I realized that he is Jesus chains, but my first I first met him when he liked this man. Very quiet, but can see it is cooked on the special kind of a poor man. He took us to the beginning of the Polytechnic Nezha rehearsal room, hallway chalkboard car sick cars, the house has a large metal piano, there is a queen metal wall photo, put a pile of stacked drums In the wall, three sizes of speakers are loud, when I still used my most proud EP crazy. The first song is ranked boy don't cry, I play the guitar, sing high crane, Qian child is a drummer. Noon, drink together, Levi said they are big schools of metal, and a large metal fights often. I was in awe, he looks so thin, but they were so big metal Chainsaw Massacre.

On the third day at noon, Jim looked forward, he had left on my blog is called 2006 the most tr Pan Changjiang similar message, and then we became friends that day he came to see us rehearse him from the rest of the time on the ground picking up the big metal usable piano, we sang together boy don't cry. Noon meal together drinking beer, next to the station in the afternoon 941, ZP officially joined the Rebels band. After each morning, I sat on the steps of Simon Polytechnic, eating bread, three of them, the high crane, ZP and Qian children. The band's rehearsal also have a fresh feeling. I thought it would have been so.

Day morning, 6:30, received a modest children's message, she quit because her mom. I am unable to speak. 8:00, I continue to sit on the steps of Simon eating bread, I have to have enough strength to face, this time until only two people. We regard this fact as a fact to accept it. No drummer, we discharge the waste of the earliest editions and love songs. But high crane to go to Germany, and a half months. In Germany, the last time she went to rehearsal, she and I had a big one, this is the first time in three years, quarrel, or because of something trivial, but now feel very strange, why then do you want to fight. But that is the day we completed three motives make the sea, after which she went to Germany, and gave us a task, that is, before she returned to find a new drummer.

Therefore, we need a drummer, Wang Zichun, only Totoro mysterious appeared, I still call him chubby it, so it kind. Chubby and I chatted online from the end of July to the end of August, I conclude that this is a sensitive kid, but this child was cute. High crane from Germany back in 2005, August 29th or the 30th, the first time the four of us in the band along with the growth of this multi-level park bumpy crooked pot shop eating and drinking, us, from this moment , considered truly complete.

September, in a big drink, I cried and trouble to write out the lyrics of the sea, the last sentence gave himself. After reading the "Seven", write out the word submarine drivers forced to give those bloated old. Later, then what we all know, October 5th is our first show, which only a month away from our formal rehearsal, two hours before the show, we put the submarine drivers lined up out of two hours later, Han Xu, who will hear it.

It is August 19, 2006, when we walked into the little crooked impromptu pot when the boss told us that tomorrow, this hot pot restaurant on the demolition, tomorrow never, never up. It turned out that this is our last time playing a little crooked. Pour a bottle and blow Sanye performance are remarkable. I suddenly remembered how the fate of the word. Really fast for you, us the whole year, a total of 20 games show, 12 own songs, here side contains too many emotions, forgive me for writing stupid, I can not write to those feelings, because I was experiencing. Most like themselves in the "wasted" in the guitar and the bizarre spectacle of the treble, like most little monsters to the end of heaven and high crane shout out la la la, like most talented 4AD li chubby hide drums. So now, everything is not over, Nezha not dissolve, and some may need to temporarily break his teammates are tired, you may sometimes perform on stage than four individuals, it does not matter, in short, us is not going to disappear, never , you believe it? Anyway, I believe. Everyone will see a new Rebels, the new