07 June, 2013

Birdstriking, Chui Wan, Deadly Cradle Death


Wen Yuzhen, Zhou NairenHe FanXinjiu Wang
The bird chasing freedom strikes the huge fast-moving machine, the meaning of “Birdstriking” is obviously seen. Destroy the dream of the rulers!


A Recordings LTD 2015

Birdstriking CD
Maybe Mars/Tenzenmen 2012

As early as the spring of 2009, when Birdstriking standed on D-22’s stage and played their songs for first time, they quickly caught audience’s attention, not only those music fans, but also some experienced musicians. Just two weeks later, people found that even if the young band had many stumbles while performing, string snaps or being out of tone, they has a surprising skill in arrangement and Chinese lyric writing. Their music is full of danger and passionate vitality. After observing several shows of Birdstriking, sharp-sighted music lable Maybe Mars decidedly signed with them. Following their better and better performance, Maybe Mars’ captain Michael excitedly described the band as one of the “self-confident new generation of Beijing bands” in an article he wrote for Universal about Chinese underground music scene. In addition to getting the appreciations from Michael and other musicians, famous creative music website Noisey has made a mini-documentary for band, Ray-ban also invited them to play in the brand’s party show. Now, Birdstriking is the most fierce and aggressive new band of Maybe Mars. Thought these three boys are all under 23 years old, they own a strong invisible power around when they’re on stage. Besides the stimulant smell from their music, daring performings in experimental music series “zoomin’ night” add more creative character to the band.

In January of 2011, growing birds started recording their self-titled debut “BIRDSTRIKING”, which includes 14 Chinese and English songs, produced and mixed by Yang Haisong. Yang has made many important albums for Maybe Mars, like Carsick Cars, Ourself Beside Me, 8 Eye Spy and Rustic’s first albums. This time, he worked with young band again. Before recording, Yang said that he would add many brand new ideas into this album, especially in vocal recording and tones. In one of the songs called “No Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Yang put a microphone in the middle of two amplifiers to make feedback and let it go through the whole song. Vocal and guitar player He Fan played more guitars in recording, widening the sound field. Also, Yan Yulong from Chui Wan played violin for the song “Magpie”. 

For the music scene, this album shows the extension of Beijing’s even Chinese musicians’ sights, as well as the changing of the new indie music. The indie musicians on longer adore and limit themselves in existing genres, they’re turning to praise the creativity. Birdstriking has larger ambition, beyond noise rock, punk rock or original rock, they want to get rid of all the astrictions, flying freely like birds, accepting multifarious music or sound. This new debut is just the beginning.

CD Compilation
 Maybe Mars 2011

Self Released Cassette Demo 2010 

Yang Fan, He Fan, Xinjiu Wang

The young band Birdstriking, labelled by CNN as one of "the pioneers of Chinese underground youth", gives frenetic live shows, with the lead singer pouring so much into his singing that he usually leaves the stage drenched in sweat. Guitarist and singer He Fan, drummer Wang Xinjiu and bassist Yang Fan met each other over their shared love of Beijing underground music

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Chui Wan is a four-piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Beijing, China. They get their name from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s “Qi Wu Lun” (齐物论), a mystical work on the relationship between nature and human life. The spirit of Zhuangzi’s thought is reflected in the modern Chinese idiom“谓风吹万窍,发出各种音响。” – “When the wind blows, every sound may be heard therein.” Inspired by this concept of seeking the infinite from the mundane, the core of Chui Wan’s sound is formed by the improvisational compositions of multi-instrumentalist Yan Yulong and guitarist Liu Xinyu. Their lush arrangements of guitar, keyboard, viola, other assorted instruments and random sound samples often eschew reliable melodies and vocal harmonies in favor of occasional passages of minimal drone or maximal sonic layerings. Bassist Wu Qiong and drummer Li Zichao  provide a stable ground floor from which the band can continually float away, like a sound half-heard and soon gone on a gust of wind.

Maybe Mars 2015

White Night
Maybe Mars 2012

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 一些人厌恶现代的东西。他们不能想象任何人喜欢现代音乐的场景;他们发现自己很难接受新的服装流行趋势;同时,他们对中国拔地而起的新建筑绝口不提赞美之词。这种人任何事都追求完美,而其完美的标准来自过去。对于那些勇于尝试新事物,和勇于以原创方式、自我表达或展现时代的人们,他们通 常毫无耐心。当然,许多艺术家的作品并不成功——相反,它们只能被称作失败;这也是不争的事实。如果是一件失败的绘画艺术品,那艺术家的这种失败只涉及他个人;但如果是一栋建筑物,他的失败也会牵涉到其他人,因为它会破坏整个地区的景致。有时候这种假设确实会发生,但若如一些人所说的那样,现代建筑一无是处,那绝对是不正确的。   当然,上面那些话和这张专辑没什么关系   2012年2月,在燥眠夜和兵马司唱片的全力支持和录音师扬帆(ourself beside me )的录音,制作,录制了第一张DEMO。其中收录了致命摇篮死2011年6月份到2012年2月份所创作的7首歌。他们的音乐世界是黑暗,躁动,暴力,和神经质的。不安的氛围和循环的乐句似乎可以说是庄重的仪式感。一切就像是在进行着一个朋克的戏剧化葬礼。两只动物尝试着用发出的声音进行沟通,并在这种特别的默契里获得惊喜。“人”在他们的音乐里重新回归到一种原始的姿态。当戏剧性转化为旋律,危险性回归到节奏,摇篮死将带你进入恐怖却又不想逃离的梦境

Some people dislike the modern things. They can not imagine anyone who loves modern music scene; they found it difficult to accept the new clothing trends; same time, the new building them where they stand on China did not mention the words of praise. Anything in this pursuit of perfection, and its standard of perfection from the past. For those people the courage to try new things, and the courage with original, self-expression or show times, they usually have no patience. Of course, many of the artist's work was not successful - on the contrary, they can only be called a failure; This is an indisputable fact. If it is a failed painting works of art, that this failure of the artists involved only his personal; but if it is a building, his failure will be involved in other people, because it will destroy the views of the entire region. Sometimes this assumption does occur, but if, as some have said, modern architecture devoid of any merit, it is absolutely incorrect.
Of course, those words and the album does not matter
In February 2012, the full support and sound engineer in dry sleepless nights and Maybe Mars sail (ourself beside me) recording, production, recorded the first demo. Their music world is dark, agitation, violence, and neuroticism. Uneasy atmosphere and loop phrase seems to be that the sense of the solemn ceremony. Everything is like going on a punk dramatic funeral. The two animals try to communicate with the sound, and in this particular tacit surprise. "People" in their music again return to a primitive attitude. Dramatic transformation for the melody, the risk of a return to the rhythm cradle of death will take you into the horror but do not want to escape from dreams.

Split 7" 2015 
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