07 June, 2013

Duck Fight Goose, Lava|Ox|Sea, Muscle Snog, Boojii, 33島

Duck Fight Goose was formed in 2009.
Members are Duck, Goose, Panda and Dragon.
They refuse all kinds of sadness and play funny games with their instruments.
They were influenced mainly by themselves.
They blend traditional-rock, experimental-rock and electronic music into a swinging, swaying yet psychedelic experience.
They are incredibly new!

<center><iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1932814549/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=63b2cc/tracklist=false/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://dforcerecords.bandcamp.com/album/clvb-zvkvnft">未来俱乐部 CLVB ZVKVNFT by 鸭打鹅 Duck Fight Goose</a></iframe></center>

Maybe Mars 2011

White Vinyl 7" Genjing/Maybe Mars/Tenzenmen 2012

Duck Fight Goose 
CD,7" and Downloads 
available @ Tenzenmen 


Miniless Recordings 2010

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Mid 2008 they changed their name to LAVA|OX|SEA (or LAVA.OX.SEA). Lineup at that time consisted of Lowspirit on vocals and guitars, 金翼 on bass and 任子宜 on drums.
In May 2007, The Los published their first EP Media Murdered the Young under two indie labels in China (Lie Records and Miniless Recordings). In June they performed during the Dino Beach Rock Festival.
July 26th, they performed at Shanghai's YuYinTang, a show which was recorded for their first EP Beloved, our deserted landscape, that was released in the following month (August). In August, their song "Grave" (published under The Los) was included in Pocket Music 17. September 12th, they performed in the 革命者 bar in Hefei as support act to P.K. 14. October 18th, they performed in Maanshan during the 馬鞍山第二届揺滾節 event. December 12th, they performed in the Yuyintang in Shanghai. December 30th 2008 their record Heavy Metal Rock is the Best Music is released by Miniless Recordings.

On February 21st, 2009 they performed in Nanjing's 古堡 bar. March 28th, they rocked the Dream Factory during their Battles event. May 2nd, they rocked the Strawberry Music Festival 2009 in Beijing. At the beginning of June 2009 (around the 4th or 5th), they released their song "Catty Cat " on their Neocha page.  A song of theirs was featured in the So Rock! Magazine(no. 89) in August 2009.

Miniless Recordings 2011

Miniless Recordings 2008

Miniless Recordings 2008

Media Murdered The Young EP 
(Released as The LOS)
 2007 Miniless Recordings


What we now know of as Muscle Snog was born in 2006. This strange little band from Shanghai originally boasted a line up of three members — Maimai, Fan Xiaoruo and Hei Xiongmao. In their early shows, Maimai’s lo-fi, rough-and-tumble guitar screamed of Sonic Youth, while Fan Xiaoruo’s synth threw in a strikingly different flavor – frenetic, zany, even hallucinatory. And while Hei Xiongmao’s guitar parts were certainly not lacking in extremes, his stylistic restraint gave a perfect balance to the band’s overall sound. While they initially performed with a drum machine, the arrival of bassist 33 and drummer Zhong Ke changed the band for the better, forever. Originally hailing from the Shanghai group 33島(33 Islands) (and still the heart and soul of the one-and-only Boojii Band), 33’s feverish guitar cast an undeniable veil of mystery over their live performances. Before Zhong Ke joined the group, he was the drummer (and guitarist) in Top Floor Circus; now he’s known as one of the craziest drummers in Shanghai. Ever since these two underground Titans joined the group, Muscle Snog’s line up and style have been as dynamic as the times; even during periods of densely scheduled shows, no two performances sound exactly the same. Their early music often drew from Noise Rock, Shoegaze, No Wave and Post Rock, and owing to this influence, Muscle Snog has evolved into something above and beyond your average indie rock band. Delve into their unique sonic fabric and you’ll hear untamed intervals, tempestuous time changes, mystifying words and phrases all strung together into this beautiful, enigmatic work of art. When Muscle Snog takes the stage, you never know what you’re gonna get — some nights it’ll be face-melting rock, others it’ll be mind-bending avant-garde. And at times like these, you’ll barely believe you’re hearing the same band.
In October 2007, Muscle Snog released their debut live recording EP “Meng Noise – Live@4live Shanghai” on Miniless Recordings, featuring a Lo-Fi sound quality capturing the spirit of their wild performance. After two years, Maybe Noise (a sub label of Maybe Mars) cooperated with Miniless Recordings to release Muscle Snog’s debut studio album “Mind Shop”.

Maybe Mars/Maybe Noise/Tenzenmen/Miniless Recordings 2009

"Meng Noize" Live 08, 31 2007 Miniless Recordings

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Reserved Modern Sky 2009


Created on 2007-04-24 Leader: tinnitus Duck King

The Zhezhi mystery band, no one knows their background, the band members play their respective roles under the pseudonym all the answers may be found only in their music
Performances steal candles day began as usual. Theater dark, black not see the empty seats and the stage.
The dog as usual, did not come.
Rhino stood quietly at the entrance of the theater, compared to the shaped theater could not find his body metallic luster seem overly harsh and rigid, to be like being a controller in the monitor out and around the theater activities. He stood for a long time, and as long as the time of completion of the theater, and he decided to stand down until centuries after the theft of a bronze statue of date.
The monkeys still did not complete the calculation when a dog appears formula. He even solved the mystery of the missing rabbit in the moon the formula used to derive the dog. But in fact he has not seen the dog, he did not know that this is actually a dog named theater.
Elephant day before rehearsal early 48 hours, happened to catch up to the theater slipped out of the play, they were taken 70 years later. She was outside the theater in a variety of bizarre sound to attract abandoned musical instruments, came to the theater settled fair, met life aircraft a black automatic crying piano, and then she could no longer walk the road, always stay in there.
Rabbit hotel in the very far away from the theater oak tree, dancing shoes and come to a full 2 months. 2 months to come three strange guests, they locked themselves in the room, myself and curse my flute every day to produce a colorless agents said this medicine mixed with paint can make all the black object crying. The alarm siren overshadowed rabbit, she was late.
Silent performances continued.
This is not a Magic Island. This is just a memory of the entrance.


 找国王(Looking For The King) Badhead/Modern Sky 2007

33島 (33rd Island)
Li Dong: Guitar
sekii: keyboard
Xiaoyuan: drum
Ginger true East: vocals/guitar
d33: vocals/bass

INDIE TOP CD features an exclusive 33島 track!
国王 (King) Listen/Download