07 June, 2013

Streets Kill Strange Animals, Re-TROS, Doc Talk Shock/DOC



Streets Kill Strange Animals formed in 2008 and brought their experimental/noise music performances to many venues in Beijing and impressed quite a few audiences. They accomplished a “three cities tour” (Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing) in September, 2010, meanwhile changing some members. In the same time, they attended Modern Sky Music Festival and played in the main stage. In 2011, their single song called "Tian Qiao Xia" was collected in Modern Sky 6 which was a collection of young and talented bands in China, after that, they were signed in Modern Sky Record Label and began to work on their first album.

McD Kids CD 
Modern Sky 2016

White Vinyl 7"
 Genjing/Modern Sky 2013

After half a year spent on the recording and mixing of their first album, Plan B: Back to the Analog Era has been released. It appears a little bit alternative, full of noisy and experimental factors, but if you listened to their music carefully, you will find it’s really melodic and has a variety of music elements.
Modern Sky 2012

"重塑雕像的权利” 乐队成立于2003年3月,受70年代的后朋克乐队Bauhaus,Joy Division,Gang of Four等乐队影响。2005年签约摩登天空后,成为了现场演出中最为抢眼的一支中国摇滚新贵,乐队经典的后朋克曲风及冲击力极强的现场演出征服了大批的乐迷。2005年10月的首张EP唱片《CUT OFF!》更是得到了超级制作人Brian Eno的参与,音乐里透露的隶属于上个世纪七十年代末后朋克的艺术气息倍受乐迷的推崇。

"Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues" The band was founded in March 2003, by the 1970s post-punk band Bauhaus, Joy Division, Gang of Four and other bands affected. 2005 Modern Sky contract, became a live performance of one of the most eye-catching Chinese upstart rock band classic post-punk genre and strong impact force to conquer a large number of live performances fans. Oct. 2005 debut EP album "CUT OFF!" is to get a super-producer Brian Eno's participation, music belongs to disclose the late seventies of last century's art post-punk fans much respected.

Modern Sky 2009

Modern Sky 2005


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<center><iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3080235750/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=63b2cc/tracklist=false/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://dforcerecords.bandcamp.com/album/northern-electric-shadow">北方电影 Northern Electric Shadow by DOC  (Dalian Obscure Club)</a></iframe></center>

Doc Talk Shock was founded in 2008 in Dalian. Two bands from two guitarists at first a musician insufficiency gradually developed into today's lineup of four, regardless of the style bar box at random raging guitar, explore experimental, keen to capture and meticulous arranger thinking of melody and rhythm of their music is underlined, melodic noise, sometimes the outbreak of the guitar so that listeners are hearty, the band recorded in 2010 and independently released the same name EP "Doc Talk Shock"  in early 2012 the band signed to Modern Sky and recorded the first full-length album. Album producers and remixers chosen by P.K.14 frontman Yang Haisong play, the album has been issued by the Modern Sky in November.

Modern Sky 2012

Self Released EP 2010 

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