07 June, 2013

Mr. Graceless, The Dyne

Mr. Graceless

    Mr.Graceless【不优雅先生】成立于2008年秋, 乐队主要受六十年代摇滚乐以及七八十年代至今的独立摇滚乐影响, 音乐风格在坚持“好听”的基础上趋于多元化. 2010年底乐队独立发行了DIY小样唱片《DEMO.1》并于2012年初在兵马司旗下发行了首张全长专辑《The Tree Ever Green(常青树)首张专辑》《The Tree Ever Green》 收录了乐队早期的部分作品, 包括7首英文歌曲, 2首中文歌曲和2首纯器乐歌曲。这张关于对少年时代的回忆和告别的青葱之声的唱片在2012年受到了独立摇滚界的广泛关注, 出现在各大摇滚媒体和乐评人的年度唱片行列之中, 并获得了基于用户真实数据的豆瓣音乐人阿比鹿奖的年度摇滚专辑奖。
    2013年对于不优雅先生是重要的一年, 乐队正全身心的投入在新的创作当中。希望能够在今年完成第二张唱片的录制

Qiu Shuang(vocals/guitar),Yuan Shuai(bass/vocals),Jiu Long(drums/vocals)

Mr.Graceless [not elegant Mr.] was established in the fall of 2008, the band rock of the sixties and seventies, and eighties indie rock since impact, music style tends to adhere to "good" on the basis of diversification. The end of 2010, the band independently released the DIY demo album "DEMO.1" and in early 2012 released their debut full-length album in Bingmasi's "The Tree Ever Green" (evergreen). The debut album "The Tree Ever Green" collection the band early part of the work, including seven songs in English, two Chinese songs and two instrumental songs. This album about boyhood memories and bid farewell to the shallots sound in 2012 by the widespread concern of the independent rock scene, appearing in the media and critics of the major rock album of the year among the ranks, and based on the user the real data watercress music Abi deer Rock Album Of The Year Award.
    2013 was an important year for not elegant Mr. band threw himself into which the new creation. Want to be able to be completed this year, the recording of the second album.

The Tree Ever Green
Maybe Mars 2012


Self Released CD 2011



The Dyne band is the original "Rubber phonograph needle, the improvisation combination of the organisers of the portrait anorchism" Division Court and the Careless drummer during the day off the band with dark to unknown boundary slim sound action, keeping a low profile Lo-Fi complex, the very simple orchestration resembles morphine force slow-burning

Beijing duo The Dyne have developed a reputation for stirring capital city crowds to life with their laconic brand of minimal surf rock cool. Much like the palms and waves that the band conjures up with their tremolo-heavy riffs, the pair’s music is a bold statement unique in its ability to be forceful yet restrained, brimming with tension and smooth as a moon-kissed breeze.  With it’s shimmering guitars and bubbling bass line structured by crisp percussion work, the instrumental “Swim” glides along like a hot rod on a starless night, seductive, deadly and ready to pounce.  On the flipside, “Fly Roots” showcases the pair’s theory that vocals are best used sparingly, in this case, as another tool in the duo’s melodic toolbox, one that neatly accentuates that atmospheric, cascading tremolo and abrupt tempo changes marked by crisp percussive work.  Recorded over a weekend in Nov, 2012 with acclaimed Genjing Records producer Yang Haisong, Swim. Fly Roots triumphantly emphasizes that Beijing’s musicians are spearheading an East Asian creative renaissance. “We’re currently in the era of a new enlightenment,” guitarist/bassist Si Yunge cooly remarked from behind his trademark shades. “We hope that more and more people will learn more about what we’re doing here in China.”

Swim b/w Fly Roots 7"
Genjing/Tenzenmen vinyl 7" 2013

Self Released 2013