07 June, 2013

New Pants 新裤子

Fashion taste each passing day, but since 1996 a new tight pants, after friction, scrubbing, a few drops of coffee stains, a soy sauce trace, cookie ice cream melted and rolled on the sand traces ...... all the way through to the present. It sway in the old style of mockery and dust, but the re-put on the body, but still innovative and lush.

Formed by 4 teens; Peng Lei, Pang Kuan, Lo Bo, and Shang Xiao; from the hutongs of Beijing in 1996, New Pants are one of the most revered bands in China's modern music history.


"Boy Playing The Guitar"

New Pants' new single! 
"Those Without Ambitions Are Never Sad"

New Wave and Punk Rock, particularly The Ramones, influenced the band’s early sound. Recently their sound and style has evolved to an 80's/disco/electro/indie-rock collage.

Leaders Peng Lei and Pang Kuan studied film and graphic design at Beijing Art University – Peng is an accomplished filmmaker/animator, Pang a renowned graphic designer. Peng's clay animation film "Beihai Monster" from 2006 was a hit in Chinese indie-films, while Pang, a commercial designer, is responsible for some of Modern Sky Records' best album artwork. New Pants' flamboyant, theatrical live shows are representative of their artistic backgrounds.


Vocalist / guitarist Peng Lei, bassist Zhao dream Meng, keyboardist Pang Kuan and drummer Shi Deheng to come forward for the Chinese Punk/New Wave speak in Sex Drug Internet in their lack of food and clothing but he just mocked Yishanbuzheng generation, laughing camel declaration Red new pants style of "consistent", in general mediocrity times, pick and clear view of the heterochromatic and someday I'll deceive you in full introspection mean strong reactionary, no one can believe what commitment is forever the same? When casual singing "I believe that tomorrow will fail, does not mean I was not love, I will stick to hold, do not let go," seems to have had to see their dreams, hold in mouth drops are innocent wayward tears, distant sea and the moment that kind of do not let go Folly, pour a little love song sung than the residents more touching. Sex-Drug-Internet, masturbation pleasure, to enjoy boring life in the wild and uninhibited; "do you remember that movie actor?" Peng Lei himself / others are located in the best year of life, there had been a regret for the beautiful life now leaving indelible footnote.                         

Modern Sky/Love Da Records 2011

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limited edition LP: 1,000 copies

"Go East!" was released in 2009 and caught the eye of New York’s Vice Magazine and led to the band’s subsequent involvement with Vice’s The Creators Project in 2010, a partnership with Intel (the band performed at The Creators Project event in Beijing, which also featured several of Peng Lei’s short films and videos).

Modern Sky Recordings

"Equal Love" was released to acclaim in late 2008

CD/DVD Modern Sky/Valve 2008


In 2006, the band released "Dragon Tiger Panacea" in China and Australia, which won Feng Yun Music Awards honours for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Band. A short tour in London followed.

Dragon Tiger Panacea
CD/DVD Modern Sky/Low Transit Industries 2006

"We Are Automatic"New Pants' third album brought home the "Best Video" award from the 2003 MTV Asia Awards for the single "She's Automatic".

Modern Sky 2002

"Disco Girl", garnered "Best Music Video" and "Best Rock Single of the Year" awards at the Channel V/ Pepsi Music Awards.

Modern Sky 2000

Modern Sky 1998

New Pants into the military for 15 years since the first seven new album "SEX DRUGS INTERNET" accompanied by the band's biggest ever since the establishment of special "our time" North Fair concert officially surfaced. The new album is not only a CD version, more went to the prestigious American company RAINBO RECORDS vinyl records produced version, along with the new album, including new pants contain all seven albums BOXSET. 
And nowadays even those most compared to the new generation of young bands, new pants still dominating this era of trendy youth of today vane throne - although they are no longer trendy to old to win, and awareness of the "new" in At the moment it becomes increasingly advanced and profound. "SEX DRUGS INTERNET" is undoubtedly an "era of the album." This title is not only up in the 1970s punk herald a "SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL" tribute, greater significance is summarized nowadays this era of spiritual emptiness SLOGAN. Title track "SEX DRUGS INTERNET" to vigorous stimulation Synth-Punk genre pondering the right "home time" self-deprecating; while another similar genre first single "I'M NOT GAY" is the Chinese fashion industry deviation to a lot of banter. 
"Anti-suit" is the new wave of pants to set off the new album and a storm. Singer Peng Lei repeatedly said: "Now Chinese creative youth biggest problem is too fond of blind worship and imitation of the West, but we are Chinese, Western fact of life and we do not have anything to do with." In fact, from 2006 to "Dragon and Tiger Dan", the new pants trying to their own creative and aesthetic system for the Chinese local youth culture to bring some confidence. "Local" label in the new album "SEX DRUGS INTERNET" is the development of a more inspiring. "This is not like one of RTHK, unlike abroad album," Peng Lei on the new album made ​​such positioning. Single, "I do not want to imitate you," is such an identity of its own filled with new pants introspection and definition work. 
New Pants with iconic label Synth-Pop genre works, the new album especially heavy weight. Hit single "Do you remember that movie actor you", full of sweet romance, as if to take us back to the 1980s, neon flashing Ballroom,. Reproduce the hustle and bustle of the moment of ending slam the heart and reluctant to give up; " AFTER PARTY "places touched on Minimal-Synth choreography, exquisite presentation from the ignorant girl's inner world 3 minutes; quite Factory label style" eye killings ", Peng Lei low and fragile Vocal Synth in spinner Wave and sing: "dull days will explode / cold eyes of the people killed," and instantly transformed into a fragile and crazy Teenage-Outsider; "Do not ask me what is disco" is a sentimental Disco monologue. 
"SEX DRUGS INTERNET" CD, vinyl, box set now fully listed!

Made in the image of the New Pants, fashionable rhythm set into Beijing, the three are not fifty plus add some humor funny but serious attitude, you say they are new, but I saw that they were playing with recognized 80s retro, tireless ; you say they are old, but I found none which parts off the cliche that if ever comes out of Mensao, is indeed the one, you know the new pants and came back up.

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