07 June, 2013

Snapline, Soviet Pop, The Offset : Spectacles 憬观 : 像同叠


程曦 Cheng Xi 李青 Li Qing 李維斯 Li Weisi

Summer of 2005, "chalk line" band (snapline) indie rock show in Beijing notice list, from the beginning, this shy understated groups in people's field of vision gradually clear up, but the sense of distance is always looming floating in the band members of the friendly faces of.
They simple, monotonous, and even semi-tone, and sometimes seems to fear that other people hear their own voice. This timid ignorance pretending to be hiding in the car in the corner, pretending to drift with the times, pretending unemotional, pretending to see through each other, pretending to see through myself.
snapline music to electronic dance beats emphasized the elements after the main orientation of punk and subvert the minds of their listeners consistently gloomy features that make each of the first works of absurdist comedy into a plot.
This is a near-disintegration of the band, because the band members ideas and thoughts on the intense contradictions. This is true, they emit a extremely discordant voices, just like with people dancing phobia love Disco, can not be justified. Only non-stop action with stiff change in body posture can find a balance on the edge of collapse, and this balance it thinks is the most beautiful in the chalk line dancing.
Singer: Chen Xi
Bass: Li Weisi
Guitar: Li Qing
They did not drummer, they used drum machines. They are a post-punk band, but sometimes, when Li Qing keyboard pops up, they will in a moment to find the essence of the 1980s new wave music: neurotic.

Genjing 2014

Vinyl LP Edition - Maybe Mars 2012

2CD - Maybe Mars 2012

Invisible Records 2010

Party Is Over, Pornostar
Maybe Mars 2007

Invisible Records 2006

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Calling themselves a "sound-based oscillator duo," the members of Soviet Pop shape electrical currents into pulsating anti-hits. Androgynous soul mates Li Qing and Li Weisi formed the band in Beijing in 2009 and began to gradually amass their own collection of vintage analog equipment, modeling themselves after post-punk heroes like The Normal and Einstürzende Neubauten. There are few bands in China that are on Soviet Pop's level. In all likelihood they’re the only two people in the country able to operate their primary instrument, a 1970s modular synthesizer comprised of six shimmering panels of dials and patch bays. At times the two Lis use this secret weapon to construct monophonic melodies over fading drum patterns—on other occasions they coax screeches and whispers from the prized machine. Beijing’s dystopian landscape provides Soviet Pop with ample inspiration. Electric scooters whizz by with space-age noiselessness and the clang of construction cranes is never too far off. The city's smog is so thick it can blot out the sun for weeks. Li Weisi's monotone English lyrics, though scarcely intelligible, offer a poignant chronicle of urban alienation in a city steadily losing ground to the Gobi desert. "More and more the population grows, less and less the difference between everyone," he blearily declaims. Soviet Pop's debut cassette, Dialog, was issued on local label Rose Mansion Analog. Their follow-up is slated for release by Connecticut's Goaty Tapes. The duo supported Silver Apples’ septuagenarian synth-maestro Simeon Coxe III on his recent China tour.


Inspired by the massively influential Chinese band P.K. 14The Offset: Spectacles moved to Beijing in 2009 in search of like-minded musicians. Within two years, they had started Rose Mansion Analog with three other Beijing bands: Soviet PopHot & Cold, and Golden Driver. The boutique label is dedicated to analog recording and reproduction, documenting Beijing’s thriving scene through the lo-fidelity, one-room-and-a-mic tradition of early blues recordings.

“叠叠重影的音樂結構, 是節拍強弱倒置, 還是留白略過, 反照了樂隊吸取了及複製出怎麼樣的城市、人物的精神狀態。然而採納「幽靈節奏」(Phantom Rhythm), 不同樂器間音量輕重緩急所交纏出的結果, 已非量化拍子所能形容, 雖然要去數算不是沒有可能, 只是有點本末倒置。究竟是有意圖還是無意圖地完成已不重要, 再者這既不是一項技術、模式, 也不能歸納為任何分類之下, 說是理論也太過膚淺。 
這也說明了基進地介入意識, 才是憬觀:像同叠生產的藝術。

The / YCFung in
"Piles of ghosting music structure, beat the strength of inverted, or blank skip albedo band lessons and replicate what kind of city, the character's mental state, however the adoption of the" specter of rhythm "(Phantom Rhythm), different instruments volume priorities intertwined results, non-quantitative tempo can describe going to count is not impossible, just a little bit putting the cart before the horse. What is the intention or intent is not important, Furthermore this is neither a technical mode, it can not be summarized as under any classification, saying it was too superficial theory.
This also explains the base into the ground involved in consciousness, is The Offset: Spectacles of art production as the same stack.

Vinyl LP Edition - Rose Mansion Analog 2011

Cassette EP - Rose Mansion Analog 2010

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