07 June, 2013

Skip Skip Ben Ben, Boyz&Girl, Freckle


Skip Skip Ben Ben was originally the name of Ben Ben's early solo work in Taipei. She put out a couple of pretty great releases under the moniker, the standout being 2010's No-Fi, No Fiction.  In this work Ben Ben's very much in her own head, which seems like a pretty gauzy place to be, full of meandering, Beatlesque vocal loops and shimmery guitars, all that good stuff. Atmospheric to the point where you feel she is recording this in a cafe with an open mic but she's not actually on the stage, just incorporating the ambience into her own headspace. In Taipei Ben Ben played in Boyz&Girl, a real amps-at-11 shoegaze quartet so resonant with the contemporary Mainland underground soundscape that they ended up releasing their self-titled debut on Beijing label Maybe Mars. In July 2010 they played a memorable show at D-22 with BirdstrikingHot & Cold, and Carsick Cars that had sewn the seed for Ben Ben's eventual semi-move to Beijing and draw the blueprint for her future musical projects. In late 2010 Ben Ben relocated to Beijing and joined Carsick Cars, which had just undergone a membership shakeup after original drummer and bassist Li Qing and Li Weisi left to focus more diligently on their bands, Snapline and Soviet Pop and their label, Rose MansionBirdstriking guitarist He Fan took over bass duties and Ben Ben jumped on the drums for a short but significant stint, laying down beats and backup vocals for a two-song Carsick Cars EP (to date their only release since 2009's You Can Listen, You Can Talk) and joining the band at the 2011 SXSW. That phase didn't last too long. Pretty much immediately after SXSW, Ben Ben went back to Taiwan to try to reboot old projects and write new material. By September 2011 she'd moved back to Beijing and re-assembled Skip Skip Ben Ben as a full band, with Birdstriking's Zhou Nairen on bass and Sun Heting — Ben Ben's replacement in Carsick Cars — on drums. Lots of band incest going on there. Between conflicting commitments and Ben Ben's perennial pilgrimages back to Taiwan, the current incarnation of Skip Skip Ben Ben has taken a while to germinate. But last winter they managed to get into the studio with Yang Haisong, where they laid down a nine-song LP in a matter of days. That album, Sacrifice Mountain Hills, covertly dropped at the tail end of 2012, but it hasn't seen a lot of press in Beijing until now. Partially because Ben Ben went back to Taiwan again at the beginning of 2013, where she assembled an alternate version of Skip Skip Ben Ben to promote the album and honor My Bloody Valentine's special request to open their Taipei concert on February 15th 2013.

Maybe Mars 2016

Sacrifice Mountain Hills CD
Hands And Moment - Japan 2014

Skip Skip Ben Ben / Hom Shenhao 洪申豪   “Split” (CDR)
Petit Alp Records - Japan 2014

split 7"
white and black vinyl
Gary Records - USA 2014



limited edition of 200

Maybe Mars/22 Records 2012

Ben Ben talks about supporting My Bloody Valentine.

Ben Ben is originally from Taiwan and has done a bunch of bands.Google her. But now she is based in Beijing and plays in the full band,Skip Skip Ben BenThey just released a record. Send them an email if you want to buy it because they are one of the few bands on the mainland that actually fucking reply to their emails.

 Ben Ben was recently asked to support one of her favourite bands, My Bloody Valentine at their recent show in Taiwan. It was all a little last minute but she assembled a five piece band and special visuals and so on and so on. Read more below. But it’s pretty fucking awesome! I know Kevin Shields was given a bag of Chinese CD’s at their Melbourne All Tomorrow’s Parties show which included Carsick Cars and P.K. 14, plus a few others. I forget now.

You were lucky enough to get to open for My Bloody Valentine in Taiwan. How did you guys get that show?
there’s a band called “The Brian Jonestown Massacre “from 90’s , and the guitarist Ricky Rene Maymi really likes my new album , he is also had good relationship with Kevin Shields from MBV , he introduce skip skip ben ben to Kevin Shields , and then after 3 or 4 day I get a phone call for the organizer .they said  ” MBV just send email to us and they want you guys to opening for them ,how did that happend ???” before that , I didn’t even know who is this guy (I mean Ricky) , its really really lucky ! 

How were you feeling just before the show? 

At first , I was totally freak out at first time when I heard that I can get the shows, it really mean lot to me. I remember couldn’t sleep hole night when I get the phone call from  the organizer ,and then I start to find more people to help me get this show more complete . I found a trumpet and a saxophone player to play this show , and make my film photograph with the VJ to put on the back stage . also need to find some people do the video shoot and taking picture , its been very busy for me to arrange so many people to let this opening happened . we all want to do our best to opening for our favorite band . for me , It’s still like a dream .

How did you guys play? Did the crowd like it? What was the best thing about it?
I think its there was about 2000 people that day , I think we made the best show ever , the sound of the stage is perfect . we only played 5 songs , the time going really fast , but we thing we all did the great job. thats the best thing I think.but …for me , the best things is finally I can turn the volume of the Fender super sonic guitar amp over than “3” that day .

Did you get to meet anyone from My Bloody Valentine?

Yes, after we played, the stuff of MBV come to told us they all love our music , MBV also want to drink with us and have a chat  after they playing.  they are really such a nice guy , we talk about Chinese music scene , and some funny story , they are all  very very gentle ,very sweat  guys .I will never forget it what they said to me.

What did you think of their set? Did you watch it side stage? How crazy was that 10 minute wall of noise at the end of their set? some of my friend went to there concert in Osaka Japan, I heard it was really awful . but the Taipei concert is so awesome , I don’t think it was that loud as people said , I didn’t use the earplug until they doing the noise part during “you make me realize “. The guitar tone of kevin shields is really fantastic. He’s use about 100 pedal on stage , but the tone is not dirty at all . if you listen to there record , I think the live is more better than just listen to it . I said that because I am there big fan. Kevin shields is like Einsten for me. some people said that the vocal is too low during the show , but I think thats the way they want. it still good song no matter what people think they should being like . the noise part is about 15 minuets during “you make me realize “(such a great song ahhhh….), I was stood up front the outside monitor , and I feel my heart is bitting by the sound of hard noise , feels like standing in the middle of the black storm. I cant move my body, its was really enjoying for that kind of experience . I saw many people seems very boring during that part , checking there cellphones ,taking photos or Yawning or just sit down on the floor ……. I think the noise part is one of the best part for MBV shows , somehow you can use some different way to find out who is really understand your music . I love My Bloody Valentine all the time , never tired.


22 Records 2011

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Boyz: three Boyz, drummer Yuan son, guitarist Jon, bassist Aviva ingredients are unknown, they may have to live inside the head of Einstein. Girl: sweet singer stained abandon freckles era known for singing skills, adding a little brutality and neurotic, very refreshing. When the Boyz and Girl met, people very excited knocked dizzy notes. All instrument sounds will make people forget that they are not there yet and gravity relations; female and male vocals, but not as sweet to create a general sense of hearing kept moving. Guitar, bass, drums and both clever, so-called chemical changes in the band who kept the fermentation

"Boyz&Girl" This four piece shoegaze outfit out of Taipei has quickly raced to the forefront of Taipei's fast growing independent music scene- and for good reason. The completion of their warmly received eponymous freshman album has cemented their place in the hearts of an ever growing fan base. Though Shoegaze is hardly a new phenomenon, Boyz&Girl has found a contemporary home in the genre, largely in part to their fresh sounds and mature songwriting. The raucous yet dreamy guitars of Jon, pieced masterfully with Sonoko's artistic drumming and Guo Guo's steady basslines, creates an impeccable balance with the juvenile youth and innocence discovered through BenBen's vocals. This becomes more the apparent at their live shows, where one can only look upon their boldness with wonder and amazement. At the end, one also realizes that their groupies aren't the only ones screaming for an encore.

Boyz & Girl
Maybe Mars 2010



Alien Truth

I Don't Know Rock N' Roll

夏季熱,蚊子樂(豬年春吶紀念 EP) 
Summer Heat, Mosquitoes Music (Pig Spring Scream Memorial EP)