15 May, 2013

Queen Sea Big Shark 后海大鲨鱼, Da Bang 大棒, Guai Li 怪力, 24 Hours


猛獁 Mammoth - Modern Sky 2013 

Modern Sky 2013

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"Let's Play"
Modern Sky 2009 

Badhead/Modern Sky 2007

Hard Heart EP
Self Released 2006


In early 2008, the Bigger Bang with them about the dream of youth and rock road. Band originally from Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music by the female singer Wang Jing initiated, through friends about the run as well as several initial lineup of musicians identified as: singer - Wang Jing, guitarist and synthesizer - small sweet, bassist - gold and heart, drummer - Lisi Tong.

In determining the uptown rock style with independent funkdelic after four members hit it off in just four months created a "cry for young" "Youth evil" "okkk!" And many more acclaimed songs. Then over the weekend Beijing's major live house performances could be seen the bigger bang figure. Band performances in dozens of large and small continue to be run, secure their own style, to show their wild typhoon.

By the end of 2008 Band adjustment of personnel, the new bassist Lee Yu added music has been updated on the breakthrough. After the band participated in by Sohu, Red Bull jointly organized the "2008 Red Bull original power" music contest, and in the dozens of bands to the fore, and ultimately get the final "Best Original Song" award, at the same time with the help of friends Underground released a live dvd. This dvd also carries the band a year of hard work and effort.

2009 at the beginning of the band in addition to a large number of local and international performances, also had the privilege to participate by internationally renowned music producer Howie B Surgeon production of Chinese cutting-edge band compilations, as well as Shanghai, Taiwan, Beijing and many other label releases a compilation. While in 2009 the Bigger Bang band will also release the first ep. Lyrics in English lyrics based. Indie-dance-funky-love song-rockers, bigger bang, because the network, play, travel, friends, friends of friends and met three people while living in Beijing, they include Wang Jing (pupi) (vocals), small Gan ( guitar / synth), Li Nan (drums / synth).

2008 bassist Lee Yu joined the band, at the same time, bigger bang at a friend's bedroom finished first ep "the bigger bang", 2011 年初 signing music label Modern Sky, the band changed its name to the stick (da bang), signed the beginning they quickly attracted many fans, the media and the attention of major international brands, and Mercedes-Benz cars, Chevrolet, Ford, Armani clothing, Fairwhale clothing, Puma clothing, "FHM" magazine and other domestic brands have cooperation, not only fully demonstrates the band's talent, but also permit a high level of live music and the charm of high popularity, in November 2011, released their first official album stick "juvenile evil." "Youth evil" () style to the post romance (after Romanticism) based, without cumbersome expression, hope and vision into the shift you want to indulge in a fierce rhythm.

2012, the new guitarist Yan Shuai joined the band, and the band to bring new creative energy and inspiration, in November 2012, issue new ep "celebrate" in cooperation with Sina national tour.

Modern Sky 2012

Modern Sky 2011 

Big Mic Records 2009


China Taiwan strait weird punk rock music showdown.
White head band from Taiwan is 2008 Ocean Music Awards winner by featuring the cake (vocals), iron cat music (guitar), Yue Fan (bass) and small daisy (drummer) four joint into the military. Female singer on stage, often featuring the cake tough, violent, sexy image pillory, often mistaken for naked on stage performances. Music style tends Punk Disco/Punk Garage/Pychobilly class dirty psychedelic elements, often in the song inside the realm presumptuous moan. Lova image, had together with dimensional exposed known for sexy, feminine and the perfect combination of auditory and visual as a whole.
China's strange force is a combination of the name alone is very strange blurred. Key members of Manfred Wong, Shi Xudong, Liu Yue (guitar), He Yifan (bass) and Xu Sheng. Band name from the "bizarre" word, meaning weird, Yong Li, perverse chaos, spirits can not be said to understand these things. Music style and group names former call should be after, strange ideas in mysterious ways combines punk rock. Female vocalist Manfred also love to moan interpretations of unbridled expression of music mind, but in the image of public display only strange masochistic, sexy part of the male members of their left.
Coincidentally, the two sides punk rockers in September launched a new debut album showdown, with tumbling punk music, groaning together in the music of the country where the outbreak of internal restlessness hidden energy!

Maybe Mars 2010 

First reviewed strange force of the "jump Travels."
Works mostly in English to express, Chinese works actually accounted for a minor part. Rock psychedelic "Hospital" first roar moaning, full body cells suddenly burst. The title track immediately "jump Travels" continuation crazy tearing, first hearing very Faye Wong "love" charm. Then strange blurred "Midnight Hole" debut, the overall mood like exposure to incredible illusory dreams inside, play tired voice frivolous charm. "Strange force" reveals a frivolous alternative rock electronic music to convey inner repressed wild, laughing voices of the original expression of human desire to provoke. "The Model" cover of electronic music Taejo Kraftwerk, the adaptation of four Chinese words like a flash in the pan, Manfred arrogant tone of much sort Anita Enchantress game.
Bass and drums banging sound to prelude the "Laughing Gas" to get multi-layered musical instrument, it works with emotional tension, balderdash Adds style music sexy interpretation of law degree. Snare drum intensive falling "Be Cool" very Western psychedelic rock temperament, "Devil Rabbit" continued to play a similar momentum fans tune, one for human cells tear gas will collapse!
Investigate the death of "Slow Dream" groaned reproduction qualities, slightly vicissitudes interpretation match the background harmonies desperate roar tore each other, like a helpless cry doom vent opening burst!
Zen strong "Empty Mirror" bewildering, reproduction Faye charm, reveals a philosophy of Yin Buddha humming of the "Bliss, movement are sad. Drinking attitudes of the heart and ease. Heart set, there is no dispute obstacle. According Empty Mirror, Mirror Matateru empty." Perfect end bizarre musical spirituality.

24 Hours 

The three members of Beijing’s 24 Hours are self-avowed devotees of “Madchester,” the eighties UK scene that developed around bands like the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses. The band went as far as to name their group after the timeless Joy Division song, and Michael Winterbottom’s 2002 dramatisation of the Madchester scene, 24 Hour Party People. They hail from Xi’an, a 3,000-year-old city that was China’s capital for six dynasties. These days it’s one of the most fertile centers for rock and roll outside of the capital.
In 2007 they played their first show at D-22, the near-legendary punk club founded by former Bear Sterns trader Michael Pettis. Pettis also manages Maybe Mars Records, an independent label that lovingly documents the burgeoning “No Beijing” rock scene. Members of Maybe Mars stalwarts Carsick Cars and P.K. 14 were in attendance, and were taken with the young band as they blazed through stuttering, passionate post-punk. 24 Hours signed to Maybe Mars and moved to Beijing in 2008. By the next year they had released their debut album, "No Party People". We saw them at Two Kolegas, one of the band’s favourite venues in Beijing. Built in a drive-in movie park, the club is owned by Liu Miao, a local figure that has been instrumental in incubating emerging Beijing rockers.
No Party People 
Maybe Mars 2009